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RichViewEdit: Inserting items in the position of caret

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These methods are useful for implementing "Insert" menu in your application. All these methods:

1.check ReadOnly property (and do nothing in read-only mode);

2.delete the selected items;

3.insert item(s);

4.quickly reformat the changed part of the document;

5.repaint the editor;

6.generate OnChange event, set Modified to True.

The methods do nothing (and return True), if the selected text is modify/delete protected (or several cells of table are selected).

Inserting Text

These methods can insert several text items of the current text style (see CurTextStyleNo property):

procedure InsertText(const text: String; CaretBefore: Boolean=False);

ANSI (InsertTextA) and Unicode (InsertTextW) versions of InsertText are available.

function InsertTextFromFile(const FileName: String):Boolean;

function InsertTextFromFileW(const FileName: String):Boolean;

function InsertOEMTextFromFile(const FileName: String):Boolean;

These methods insert one text item (string must not contain line break, page break and tab characters) with the specified tag:

function InsertStringTag(const s: String; Tag: TRVTag): Boolean;

ANSI (InsertStringATag) and Unicode (InsertStringWTag) versions of InsertStringTag are available.

Inserting Non-Text Items

These methods insert one item of the specified type (parameters are similar to parameters of Add*** methods):

function InsertControl(const Name: TRVAnsiString

  ctrl: TControl; VAlign: TRVVAlign): Boolean;

function InsertPicture(const Name: TRVAnsiString;

  gr: TGraphic; VAlign: TRVVAlign): Boolean;

function InsertHotPicture(const Name: TRVAnsiString;

  gr: TGraphic; VAlign: TRVVAlign): Boolean;

function InsertBreak(Width: Byte; 

  Style: TRVBreakStyle; Color: TColor): Boolean;

function InsertBullet(ImageIndex: Integer; 

  ImageList: TCustomImageList): Boolean;

function InsertHotspot(ImageIndex, HotImageIndex: Integer;
  ImageList: TCustomImageList): Boolean;

Inserting Files and Streams

These methods insert RVF file or stream

function InsertRVFFromStreamEd(Stream: TStream):Boolean;

function InsertRVFFromFileEd(const FileName: String):Boolean;

These methods insert RTF (Rich Text Format) file or stream

function InsertRTFFromStreamEd(Stream: TStream):Boolean;

function InsertRTFFromFileEd(const FileName: String):Boolean;

These methods insert text of the current text style (see CurTextStyleNo property):

function InsertTextFromFile(const FileName: String):Boolean;

function InsertTextFromFileW(const FileName: String):Boolean;

function InsertOEMTextFromFile(const FileName: String):Boolean;

Inserting Tables and Other Items

The most general method for inserting items is

function InsertItem(const Name: String; Item: TCustomRVItemInfo): Boolean;

It's recommended to use this method only for tables, labels, numbered sequences, endnotes, footnotes, references to parent footnotes and endnotes, and custom item types.

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