Endnotes in TRichView Documents

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Endnotes in TRichView Documents

An endnote looks like a number (numbering type is specified in TRVStyle.EndnoteNumbering). If FormatString is defined, a number is displayed formatted according to this string (for example, if FormatString is a single character, the endnote displays a single character). Endnote contains a subdocument. This subdocument is not displayed in TCustomRichView where the endnote is inserted, but it can be printed. Subdocuments for all endnotes are printed after the main document.

srv_icon ScaleRichView note: TSRichViewEdit displays and allows editing endnotes. TSRichViewEdit cannot print a text for an endnote on several pages.

Class for this item type is TRVEndnoteItemInfo  (see for detailed information).

Style of this item type: rvsEndnote (-204)

Methods of TCustomRichView

The following viewer-style method adds item of this type to the end of the document:

AddItem (create TRVEndnoteItemInfo object, add it using AddItem)

The following method returns TRVEndnoteItemInfo object


Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit

The following editor-style method inserts item of this type at the position of caret:

InsertItem (create TRVEndnoteItemInfo object, insert it using InsertItem)

The following method returns TRVEndnoteItemInfo object at the position of caret:


The following methods change properties of items as editing operations:






Endnotes have all properties of numbered sequences.


NumberType is read-only; it always returns TRVStyle.EndnoteNumbering;

SeqName = '@[email protected]' and must not be changed.

Saving and Loading

Export to HTML

Subdocuments for all endnotes are saved after the main document. Before each subdocument, <a name="endnoteN"></a> is inserted, where N is an index of this endnote (in the list of all numbered sequences and notes). Endnotes are saved as hyperlinks to this anchor.

RTF and DocX

Endnotes can be exported in RTF and DocX. If FormatString contains a single character, it can be exported to RTF/DocX. Reset and StartFrom properties cannot be exported.

You can set RTFReadProperties.IgnoreNotes to True, and endnotes will not be imported from RTF/DocX.


When copying or saving a selected text, endnotes are not included in text. When saving the whole text, they are saved at the end of the text:

This is a text [i] to show endnotes [ii]. 
i sequence of characters 
ii note of text placed at the end of the document