Numbered Sequences in TRichView Documents

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Numbered Sequences in TRichView Documents

Numbered sequence is a non-text item looking like text and displaying a number. For example, this item type can be used for numbering pictures, tables or formulas. This text cannot be wrapped (always displayed on one line).

Class for this item type is TRVSeqItemInfo  (see for detailed information).

Style of this item type: rvsSequence (-202)

The following items are inherited from numbered sequences:




text boxes

Methods of TCustomRichView

The following viewer-style method adds item of this type to the end of the document:

AddItem (create TRVSeqItemInfo object, add it using AddItem)

The following method returns TRVSeqItemInfo object


Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit

The following editor-style method inserts item of this type at the position of caret:

InsertItem (create TRVSeqItemInfo object, insert it using InsertItem)

The following method returns TRVSeqItemInfo object at the position of caret:


The following methods change properties of items as editing operations:






Numbered sequences have all properties of label items, but Text is calculated automatically.

Additionally, it has properties:

NumberType – numbering type;

SeqName – name of a sequence (this item continues numbering from the previous item having the same name of a sequence);

Reset – if True, a numbering is not continued but reset from StartFrom.

FormatString – optional format string; if defined, a text to display is formatted according to this string.

These properties are also accessible as rvespcSeqName, rvespcSeqFormatString, rveipcSeqStartFrom, rveipcSeqReset, rveipcSeqNumberType properties. Accessing them in this way allows changing them in editing operations.

Saving and Loading

Export to HTML and text

Numbered sequences are exported as a plain text.

RTF and DocX

Numbered sequences can be exported and imported in RTF and DocX (all main properties are saved except for FormatString).

You can set RTFReadProperties.IgnoreSequences to True, and numbered sequences will not be imported (imported as a plain text) from RTF/DocX.