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A set of properties controlling RTF (Rich Text Format) and DocX (Microsoft Word Document) import.

property RTFReadProperties: TRVRTFReaderProperties;

Read the topic about TRVRTFReaderProperties for details.

Subproperties of this class affect the following methods:

TRichView.LoadRTF, LoadDocX;

TRichView.LoadRTFFromStream, LoadDocXFromStream;

TRichViewEdit.PasteRTF (and Paste);

TRichViewEdit.InsertRTFFromStreamEd, InsertDocXFromStreamEd;

TRichViewEdit.InsertRTFFromFileEd, InsertDocXFromFileEd;

drag&drop when dropping RTF file.

See also:

RTFOptions (options for RTF and DocX export).