TCustomRichView.RVData (read-only)

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TCustomRichView.RVData (read-only)

This read-only property points to an object containing RichView document.

Each TRichView control owns one such object.

Similar objects represent cells in tables.

Many RichView methods actually call methods of this object inside, for example:

procedure TRichView.AddNL(const s: String; StyleNo, ParaNo: Integer);


  RVData.AddNL(s, StyleNo, ParaNo);


A class of RVData is derived from the abstract base class TCustomRVFormattedData, which is in its order derived from TCustomRVData.

This object can be used for creating procedures working with any document object (main TRichView or cells).

For example, see AllUpperCase procedure in Controls, Documents, Items.