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TRVSeqItemInfo is a class representing numbered sequence in TRichView documents. This is not a component. Objects of this class are created at runtime and appended to TRichView (see AddItem) or inserted into TRichViewEdit (see InsertItem). Style of this item type: rvsSequence (-202)

Unit RVSeqItem.


TRVSeqItemInfo = class(TRVLabelItemInfo)

(introduced in version 10)









The main property of this class is SeqName. All items having the same value of this property are numbered continuously. You can restart numbering from the specified value, see StartFrom and Reset properties.

Numbering type is defined in NumberType property.

Font for this item is defined in TextStyleNo. ProtectTextStyleNo can be used to protect TextStyleNo from changing.

Text for this item is calculated automatically.

Use SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx and SetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx to change properties of label items as editing operations.

Related Properties of TRVStyle

FieldHighlightColor – color for highlighting numbering sequences (overrides background color specified in the text style)

FieldHighlightType specifies when to highlight numbering sequences.

Numbering Sequences and List Markers

Numbered sequences are similar to list markers. The table below shows differences between them.

Numbered sequences

List markers

Items can be inserted in any place of document.

List markers start paragraphs.

Counter for the item is calculated using SeqName property.

Counter for the item is calculated using list index and list level.

Simple numbering.

Multilevel numbering.

Visual appearance is defined using the item properties.

Visual appearance is defined in list styles.

Items in the same sequence may have different fonts, numbering type, format strings.

All list markers linked to the same list level have the same font, numbering type and format string.

TCustomRichViewEdit.ApplyTextStyle and ApplyStyleConversion can change item font.

TCustomRichViewEdit.ApplyTextStyle and ApplyStyleConversion cannot change item font.

Inherited Classes

The following item types are inherited from this class:

TRVEndNoteItemInfo (endnote);

TRVFootnoteItemInfo (footnote);

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