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This is one of the key properties of TRVStyle: collection of paragraph list styles (bullets and numbering).

property ListStyles : TRVListInfos;

Bullets/numbering (lists) are implemented in the following way:

1.TRVStyle has a collection of list styles (this property). Each list style contains a collection of list levels (Levels property). A list level defines the most of list properties.

2.List markers is a special type of items. They are inserted with the special functions. They are always inserted at the beginning of paragraphs. They have the following properties:

ListNo index of list style in the collection of list styles (i.e. in this property);

LevelNo list level;

StartFrom starting value for list counter, if UseStartFrom=True;

UseStartFrom if True, list counter value for this marker is defined by StartFrom. If False, numbering is continued.

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See also types:

TRVListInfos (collection of list styles);

TRVListInfo (item in the collection of list styles).

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List markers item type.

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