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Returns main properties of list marker (paragraph bullet or numbering)

function GetListMarkerInfo(AItemNo: Integer;

  out AListNo, AListLevel, AStartFrom: Integer;

  out AUseStartFrom: Boolean): Integer;

(introduced in version 1.7)

Input parameter

AItemNo index of the item, in range from 0 to ItemCount-1. This is not necessary the index of list marker, it can be index of any item in the given paragraph. Items of subdocuments (table cells) are not included in the items range of the main document; for items in cells, use Cell.GetRVData.GetListMarkerInfo.


Output parameters (valid only if the function returned non-negative value)

AListNo style of this list maker. This is an index in the collection of list styles (Style.ListStyles).

AListLevel list level. This is an index in the collection of list levels (Style.ListStyles[AListNo].Levels).

AStartFrom: if AUseStartFrom=True, and this is a numbered list, this parameter is a value of list counter for this marker. If AUseStartFrom=False, numbering is continued.


Return value:

If this paragraph does not have a marker, this function returns -1; otherwise it returns item index of the marker.


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