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Returns line of the position specified by ItemNo and ItemOffs.

function GetLineNo(ItemNo, ItemOffs: Integer): Integer;

(introduced in version 1.7)


ItemNo index of the item, in range from 0 to ItemCount-1.

ItemOffs offset in item.

For non-text items, ItemOffs=0 specifies position before the item, ItemOffs=1 specifies position after the item (this is not important for this function, because non-text item cannot be placed on several lines).

For text items, ItemOffs specifies position before the ItemOffs-th character:

ItemOffs=1 position before the text item (before the first character);

ItemOffs=2 position before the second character;


ItemOffs=GetOffsAfterItem(ItemNo) position after the last character of the text item.

Return value

Line index. The first line has index 1. Number of lines depends on word-wrapping.


with MyRichView do

  r := GetLineNo(ItemCount-1, GetOffsAfterItem(ItemCount-1))

r receives number of lines in MyRichView.


Warning: this function contains calculations inside, and it may take a while to execute it. (There is an idea how to make it lightning-fast in future, but it will be implemented later).


This method must be called only when the document is formatted.


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