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Returns offset after the ItemNo-th item in the document

function GetOffsAfterItem(ItemNo: Integer): Integer;

This method is useful for selecting part of document for copying in the Clipboard, or for moving caret to the specified position in editor.

ItemNo – index of the item. Items are indexed from 0 to ItemCount-1, GetItemStyle returns type of item. Items of subdocuments (table cells) are not included in the items range of the main document; for items in cells, use Cell.GetRVData.GetOffsAfterItem.

For text items, the method returns length of text + 1. The exception is empty text items formatted with style having EmptyWidth>0; for them, the position after the item is 2.

For non-text items, it returns 1.


Example for TRichViewEdit: moving caret to the end of document

var ItemNo, Offs: Integer;


  ItemNo := MyRichViewEdit.ItemCount-1;

  Offs := MyRichViewEdit.GetOffsAfterItem(ItemNo);

  MyRichViewEdit.SetSelectionBounds(ItemNo, Offs, ItemNo, Offs);



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