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Returns offset after the ItemNo-th item in the document

function GetOffsAfterItem(ItemNo: Integer): Integer;

This method is useful for selecting part of document for copying in the Clipboard, or for moving caret to the specified position in editor.

ItemNo index of the item. Items are indexed from 0 to ItemCount-1, GetItemStyle returns type of item. Items of subdocuments (table cells) are not included in the items range of the main document; for items in cells, use Cell.GetRVData.GetOffsAfterItem.

For text items, the method returns length of text + 1. The exception is empty text items formatted with style having EmptyWidth>0; for them, the position after the item is 2.

For non-text items, it returns 1.


Example for TRichViewEdit: moving caret to the end of document

var ItemNo, Offs: Integer;


  ItemNo := MyRichViewEdit.ItemCount-1;

  Offs := MyRichViewEdit.GetOffsAfterItem(ItemNo);

  MyRichViewEdit.SetSelectionBounds(ItemNo, Offs, ItemNo, Offs);



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