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Applies list style (bullets or numbering) to the selected paragraphs

procedure ApplyListStyle(AListNo, AListLevel, AStartFrom: Integer;

  AUseStartFrom, ARecursive: Boolean);

(introduced in version 1.7)

This method adds/changes list markers for the selected paragraph(s).


AListNo defines style of this list. This is an index in the collection of list styles (Style.ListStyles)

AListLevel – list level. This is an index in the collection of list levels (Style.ListStyles[AListNo].Levels).

If AListLevel=-1, levels of the existing markers are not changed, new markers have level=0.

If AUseStartFrom=True, and this is a numbered list, AStartFrom defines value of the list counter for this marker. If AUseStartFrom=False, the numbering is continued. For bulleted lists, these parameters are ignored.

ARecursive – reserved for future use. Set it to False.


Method type: editstyle editor-style method (unlike SetListMarkerInfo).


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