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References to the Parent Note

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When inserted in footnote's/endnote's/sidenote's Document, the note reference displays the same text as the parent note.

When inserted in TCustomRichView, it displays NoteText.

Class for this item type is TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo  (see for detailed information).

Style of this item type: rvsNoteReference (-205)

Methods of TCustomRichView

The following viewer-style method adds item of this type to the end of the document:

AddItem (create TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo object, add it using AddItem)

The following method returns TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo object


Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit

The following editor-style method inserts item of this type in the position of caret:

InsertItem (create TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo object, insert it using InsertItem)

The following method returns TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo object at the position of caret:


The following methods change properties of items as editing operations:





Saving and Loading

Export to HTML

Note references are saved as a plain text. In future, they may be saved as hyperlinks to the parent footnote/endnote.


Note references can be exported in RTF.

You can set RTFReadProperties.IgnoreNotes to True, and note references will not be imported from RTF.

Export to DocX

Note references can be exported in DocX

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