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TCustomRichViewEdit.InsertStringTag, InsertStringATag, InsertStringWTag

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The methods Insert text string s with associated Tag in the position of caret.

function InsertStringTag(const s: String; const Tag: TRVTag): Boolean;

function InsertStringATag(const s: TRVAnsiStringconst Tag: TRVTag): Boolean;

function InsertStringWTag(const s: TRVUnicodeStringconst Tag: TRVTag): Boolean;

(introduced in version 1.6)

Inserted text (one text item) has the current text and current paragraph style.

Methods type: editstyle editing-style method for insertion.

Unlike InsertText:

s parameter must not contain CR, LF characters (#13 and #10) and page break character (#12);

TAB characters are always replaced with spaces, even if SpacesInTab=0.

the inserted string is not merged with surrounding text items, even if it has the same text style and tag.

Do not overuse these methods. Use InsertText when possible.

unicode Unicode note:

InsertStringATag: if the current text style is Unicode, s text will be converted to Unicode (conversion is based on charset of current text style).

InsertStringWTag: if the current text style is ANSI, s text will be converted to ANSI (conversion is based on charset of current text style).

InsertStringTag works like InsertStringWTag in Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, and like InsertStringATag in the older versions of Delphi/C++Builder.


Return value:

True if the insertion was successful (it can fail due to protection, or when inserting in table having multicell selection)


See also methods:

InsertText, -A, -W.

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See also:

Inserting items in position of caret;


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