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TRichView components can be used in Lazarus to build 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Windows.

Currently, the following sets of components are ported to Lazarus:




ASpell parser

HunSpell parser

All the components are available both for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. However, TRVOfficeConverter and TRVASpell use 32-bit DLL, so they are useless in 64-bit applications.


The following functions are not available in Lazarus:

gestures (text selection and print preview zooming with fingers)

mouse panning (scrolling by clicking a middle mouse button and then moving the mouse)

gif and metafile images (unless you find Lazarus-compatible graphic components that is able to display, load and save these formats)

when dragging an image from TRichView, it is not provided as a bitmap (however, TRichViewEdit still accepts bitmaps dragged into it)


UTF-16 strings

Most methods and properties in the components have TRVUnicodeString parameters, which is defined as UnicodeString in Lazarus. These string contain Unicode (UTF-16) text.

ANSI strings

Parameters in ***A methods have TRVAnsiString parameters, which is defined as AnsiString in Lazarus. They are treated as ANSI string (not UTF-8!).

These methods include:

in TRichView: AddNLA, AddTextNLA, GetItemTextA, GetSelTextA, GetWordAtA, SearchTextA, SetItemTextA

in TRichViewEdit: GetCurrentItemTextA, InsertStringATag, InsertTextA, SetCurrentItemTextA, SetItemTextEdA

UTF-8 strings

Some methods have String parameters. They are treated as UTF-8 in Lazarus

These methods include:

in TRichView: AddFmt, AddNL, AddTextNL, GetItemText, GetSelText, GetWordAt, SearchText, SetItemText

in TRichViewEdit: GetCurrentItemText, InsertStringTag, InsertText, SetCurrentItemText, SetItemTextEd

Demo projects

TRichView demo projects for Lazarus are in:

<TRichView Dir>\TRichView\Demos\Lazarus\

Some add-ins and additional components have Lazarus demo projects as well:

<TRichView Dir>\TRichView\Demos\Addins\BlendBitmap\Demo\Lazarus\

<TRichView Dir>\TRichView\Demos\Addins\ComboItem\Demo\Lazarus\

<TRichView Dir>\RvHtmlImporter\Demos\Lazarus\

<TRichView Dir>\ThirdParty\ASpell\Demos\Lazarus\

<TRichView Dir>\ThirdParty\HunSpell\Demos\Lazarus\

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