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Adds a formatted string assembled from a Pascal format string and an array arguments, using the StyleNo-th text style and the ParaNo-th paragraph style, to the end of document.

procedure AddFmt(const FormatStr: String

  const Args: array of const; StyleNo, ParaNo: Integer);

AddFmt(FormatStr, Args, StyleNo, ParaNo) is equivalent to AddNL(Format(FormatStr,Args), StyleNo, ParaNo).
(where Format is not a method of TRichView, but SysUtils.Format)

Note: TRichView allows empty text strings only in empty paragraphs (may be with list makers). See Valid documents.


FormatStr format string. See "Format function" in the Delphi help file for syntax. FormatStr must not contain CR, LF and TAB characters. To add several lines of text use AddTextNL.

Args arguments for format string.

StyleNo is an index in the TextStyles collection of the linked RVStyle component, or rvsDefStyle constant. It defines font attributes for the text.

If ParaNo=-1, the method adds an item to the end of the last paragraph. If ParaNo>=0, this item starts a new paragraph using attributes defined in Style.ParaStyles[ParaNo].


Method type: viewerstyle viewer-style.

unicode Unicode note: the parameter of this method is:

Unicode string (UTF-16) for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer,

ANSI string for older versions of Delphi/C++Builder.

Unicode string (UTF-8) in Lazarus



MyRichView.AddFmt('X=%d and Y=%d', [X,Y], 00);

If style templates are used, the component may automatically change text style indices of text items, to provide a consistency of text and paragraph style templates.

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