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Allows or disallows using Style.StyleTemplates.

property UseStyleTemplates: Boolean;

(introduced in version 14)

If UseStyleTemplates=True:

StyleTemplates are saved in RVF (also requires both rvfoSaveTextStyles and rvfoSaveParaStyles included in RVFOptions);

StyleTemplates are loaded from RVF (also requires RVFTextStylesReadMode=RVFParaStylesReadMode=rvf_sInsertMerge);

StyleTemplates are saved in RTF and DocX (as a style sheet);

StyleTemplates are loaded from RTF (also requires RTFReadProperties.TextStyleMode=RTFReadProperties.ParaStyleMode=rvrsAddIfNeeded) ;

RTF and RVF files/streams are inserted according to StyleTemplateInsertMode;

"Normal" style template (if it exists) is assigned to unstyled paragraphs when loading RTF and RVF files/streams (see RichViewAutoAssignNormalStyleTemplate);

the component provides that TextStyle.ParaStyleTemplateId=ParaStyle.StyleTemplateId for all text items and non-text items linked to a text style (tabs, labels, sequences, footnotes, endnotes, note references); if they are not equal, the component assigns another text style to this item, with the correct ParaStyleTemplateId, adding this text style to Style.TextStyles if necessary.

in editor, when  Enter  is pressed, the next paragraph is formatted according to NextId property of the current paragraph's style template

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