TRVStyleTemplate.NextId, Next

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TRVStyleTemplate.NextId, Next

Defines the style template to be used in the next paragraph after the paragraph marked by this style template (when a user presses  Enter )

property NextId: TRVStyleTemplateId;

property Next: TRVStyleTemplate; // read-only

This property is used only for style templates applied to paragraphs, so it is ignored if Kind=rvstkText.

To make some style template a next style template, assign its Id to NextId of this style template.

NextId equals to Id of the next style (If NextId=-1, the next style-template is this style template itself)

Next returns the next style (or nil if NextId=-1), i.e. Next.Id=NextId.

When  Enter  is pressed, and style templates are used:

the new paragraph is linked to Next (or to this style template, if Next=nil); its attributes are changed accordingly;

if the current text is a hyperlink (i.e. its Jump=True), the new text is not linked to any style template, its attributes are changed accordingly, its Jump=False;

if the current text is not a hyperlink, the new text is linked to the same style template as the current text.

New TRVStyle.TextStyles and ParaStyles are added, if necessary.

These properties are copied when assigning one style template to another, only if the source and target style templates belong to the same collection.

Default value:

NextId: -1