TRVStyleTemplate.Id (read-only)

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TRVStyleTemplate.Id (read-only)

An identifier of this style template.

property Id: TRVStyleTemplateId;

Value of this property is generated automatically using a random number generator. Each item has an identifier that is unique in the collection.

Different style template collections may have equal values of identifiers of some items by a coincidence, however it does not mean that these style templates are related (unless the collection was duplicated using AssignStyleTemplates with CopyIds=True).

This property is used to refer to this style template within a single TRVStyle component:

another style template may refer to this style-template using ParentId property;

another style template may refer to this style-template using NextId property;

text and paragraph styles of the same TRVStyle may refer to this style template using StyleTemplateId property.

Why do style templates need two unique properties, Id and Name? There are the following reasons:

editing style templates in a dialog window: if a user renames a style template, all references to this style template must stay unchanged;

working with integer values is more efficient than with strings.

This property is not copied when assigning one style template to another.

See also methods of TRVStyleTemplateCollection:

FindById, FindItemById.