TRVStyleTemplate.ParentId, Parent

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TRVStyleTemplate.ParentId, Parent

Defines the style template the current style template is based on.

property ParentId: TRVStyleTemplateId;

property Parent: TRVStyleTemplate; // read-only

To make some style template a parent of this style template, assign its Id to ParentId of this style template.

To make this style template a root style template, assign -1.

Parent returns the parent style template (or nil if ParentId=-1), i.e. Parent.Id=ParentId.

If Kind=rvstkText, only style templates having Kind=rvstkText can be its parents.

If Kind<>rvstkText, only style templates having Kind<>rvstkText can be its parents.

Circular references are not allowed.

The style template inherits (from parents) properties not listed in its ValidTextProperties and ValidParaProperties.

These properties are copied when assigning one style template to another, only if the source and target style templates belong to the same collection.

Default value:

ParentId: -1