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Defines mode of reading of paragraph properties from RTF.

property ParaStyleMode: TRVReaderStyleMode;

This property defines how RTF paragraph attributes will be converted to TRichView.Style.ParaStyles.




All paragraph formatting in RTF will be ignored, all paragraphs will have style specified in ParaStyleNo property.


RTF formatting will be mapped to the the most similar existing paragraph style


This mode provides the most closer look to the original RTF. TRichView will try to use existing styles as much as possible, but if style with the desired formatting does not exist, TRichView will add a new one to the end of the collection of paragraph styles and use it.

List markers (bullets and numbering) are imported only if ParaStyleMode=rvrsAddIfNeeded.

If the both TextStyleMode=ParaStyleMode=rvrsAddIfNeeded, and TRichView.UseStyleTemplates=True, and StyleTemplateInsertMode<>rvstimIgnoreSourceStyleTemplates, the RTF style sheet will be read in TRichView.Style.StyleTemplates. For RTF loading, the RTF style sheet replaces existing style templates. For RTF insertion, the RTF style sheet is merged into the existing style templates. In this case, RTF paragraph properties are adjusted according to TRichView.StyleTemplateInsertMode.

Default value:

rvrsUseClosest for components created at runtime.

For components placed on form at designtime, initial value of this property is defined in the component editor for TRichView. By default, the component editor applies "allow adding styles dynamically" mode to new TRichView components, and this property is set to rvrsAddIfNeeded.

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