TRichView Component Editor

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TRichView Component Editor

Component editor for TCustomRichView
(and all inherited components: TRichView, TRichViewEdit, TDBRichView, TDBRichViewEdit).

To display the component editor dialog in Delphi (C++Builder) IDE, right click TRichView object on the form, choose "Settings" in the popup menu.

The dialog consists of 3 pages: Styles, Tags, RVF.


This page allows to select one of 3 style modes:

Use a predefined set of styles.

Allow adding styles dynamically.

Allow adding styles dynamically + style templates

This setting changes the properties: RVFTextStylesReadMode, RVFParaStylesReadMode, RVFOptions, RTFReadProperties.TextStyleMode, .ParaStyleMode, UseStyleTemplates. Changes are shown in the light yellow box below.

"Use a predefined set of styles" mode

In this mode, the component:

does not add new items in the collection of text, paragraph and list styles of the linked TRVStyle component;

does not save these styles in RVF files or streams.

"Allow adding styles dynamically" mode

In this mode, the component:

adds new items in the collection of text, paragraph and list styles, if necessary; new styles can be added as a result of RVF, RTF, DocX loading;

saves these styles in RVF files and streams.

If you want to display RTF and DocX files close to the original, or use commands for adding styles (for example, inside OnStyleConversion or OnParaStyleConversion, or RichViewActions), you must set this mode.

Since version 1.8, "Allow adding styles dynamically" is set by default for all new TRichViews created at design time (placed on forms from the Component Palette), if the defaults were not overridden.

"Allow adding styles dynamically + style templates" mode

All properties are set to the same values as in the previous mode, but UseStyleTemplates=True.

Additional information about these modes can be found in the topic "Styles and style templates".


Defines options for saving and loading RVF (RichView Format) files and strings. These settings change RVFOptions.

Storing The Component Editor's Options

Set "Default" checkbox to store settings on the given page. Settings are stored in the Registry. They will be applied to new components created in Delphi/C++Builder IDE from the Component Palette. Stored settings do not affect component creation at run time (from your code), and components that already were added on forms.