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TCustomRichViewEdit.InsertTextFromFile, InsertTextFromFileW

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The methods load text file FileName and insert its content in the position of caret. InsertTextFromFile  inserts text from ANSI text files, InsertTextFromFileW inserts text from Unicode (UTF-16) text files.

function InsertTextFromFile(const FileName: TRVUnicodeString; CodePage: Cardinal=CP_ACP): Boolean;

function InsertTextFromFileW(const FileName: TRVUnicodeString): Boolean;

Inserted text has current text and current paragraph style.

A file may contain special characters:CR, LF, TAB, FF (#13, #10, #9, #12). #9 characters may be inserted as tabulators, depending on value of SpacesInTab property of the linked RVStyle component. #12 characters add page breaks. All possible line breaks modes (CR, LF, CR+LF, LF+CR) are supported.

InsertTextFromFileW supports the Unicode byte order marks characters (if they are present, they must be the first character in file).

Methods type: editstyle editing-style method for insertion.

unicode Unicode note:

Internally, text is stored as Unicode. InsertTextFromFile converts ANSI to Unicode using CodePage.


Return value: "Was reading from from the file successful?"


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