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Specifies if the Index-th item must start a new page when printing

property PageBreaksBeforeItems[Index: Integer]: Boolean

(Introduced in version 1.2)

Set PageBreaksBeforeItems[ItemNo] to True if you want the ItemNo-th item to start a new page. This assignment forces the item to start a new paragraph.

If PageBreaksBeforeItems[ItemNo]=True, a text flow for this item is cleared for both left and right side, i.e. such item is placed as if ClearLeft[ItemNo] and ClearRight[ItemNo] = True. Because of this, assignment to this property requires reformatting.

RichView never prints blank pages. So, for example, PageBreaksBeforeItems[0] has no effect (because it will start a new page in any case).

The editor has additional methods for working with explicit page breaks.

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Options (rvoShowPageBreaks).

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