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Specifies whether a text flow around right-aligned items should be cleared for the paragraph started from the Index-th item.

property ClearRight[Index: Integer]: Boolean

(Introduced in version 12)

Set ClearRight[ItemNo] to True if you want the ItemNo-th item to be placed below any right-aligned object.

This item must start a new paragraph (IsParaStart(ItemNo)) or a new line inside a paragraph (IsFromNewLine(ItemNo)), otherwise assignment will be ignored.

You need to reformat RichView after this assignment (using Format).

In editor you can change value of this property as an editing operation, using ClearTextFlow method.

Note: if special characters are shown (i.e. rvoShowSpecialCharacters is included in Options), this property is shown as a vertical line to the right of the paragraph (or line break) mark. For a paragraph, this line is shown if ClearLeft is True for the next paragraph.

See also:



TRVVAlign type (rvvaRight).