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Displays soft page breaks (i.e. page breaks that were made automatically)

procedure AssignSoftPageBreaks(RVPrint: TComponent);

(introduced in version 1.7)

Page breaks become visible after calling RichView.AssignSoftPageBreaks(RVPrint). RVPrint must be formatted (i.e. FormatPages must be called before this method). Page breaks are visible only if rvoShowPageBreaks is included in RichView.Options.

In editor, soft page breaks will be automatically cleared after any editing operation (any action invoking OnChange). Page breaks will also be cleared when you call Clear. In all other cases, you must call ClearSoftPageBreaks after each change in the document performed after calling AssignSoftPageBreaks.

Soft page breaks are drawn using RVStyle.SoftPageBreakColor (or in OnDrawPageBreak event).

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