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Specifies intercharacter spacing for text of this style.

property CharSpacing: TRVStyleLength;

(introduced in version 1.6)

This property defines expansion (if positive) or compression (if negative) of space between characters.

This value is measured either in screen pixels (when printing, it is recalculated according to the printer resolution) or in twips, depending on Units of TRVStyle component which owns this text style.


This example shows text formatted with CharSpacing = 0, 5, and -3 pixels.

CharSpacing Example

CharSpacing Example

Note: if TextEngine is Windows API, all expanded characters are aligned to the left side (space is added to the right side of the characters).

if TextEngine is Uniscribe:

characters are aligned to the leading side (left side for left-to-right text, right side for right-to-left text)

kashidas are used for expanded Arabic text

some characters may be grouped in clusters, a total spacing will be applied to the whole cluster; however, the caret positions are calculated as if there are no clusters.


Default value: