TRVStyle.GridColor, GridReadOnlyColor, GridStyle, GridReadOnlyStyle

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TRVStyle.GridColor, GridReadOnlyColor, GridStyle, GridReadOnlyStyle

Colors and styles of table grid lines.

property GridColor: TColor;

property GridReadOnlyColor: TColor;

property GridStyle: TPenStyle;

property GridReadOnlyStyle: TPenStyle;

(introduced in version 14)

GridColor and GridStyle are used for drawing invisible borders of tables in editing mode.

GridReadOnlyColor and GridReadOnlyStyle are used for drawing invisible borders of tables in TRichView or in TRichViewEdit in read-only mode.

Table borders can be invisible in the following cases:

their width is 0 (see BorderWidth and CellBorderWidth properties);

some sides are hidden (see VisibleBorders and Cell.VisibleBorders properties).

If a pen style is psClear, or a color is clNone, a grid is not shown. But the recommended way to hide grid lines in all tables in the component is excluding rvoShowGridLines from TRichView.Options.

You can hide/show table grid for the specific table, see rvtoHideGridLines in Table.Options property.

TRichView must be linked with this TRVStyle (see TRichView.Style).

Default values:

GridColor: clBtnFace;

GridReadOnlyColor: clBtnFace;

GridStyle: psDot;

GridReadOnlyStyle: psClear.