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Occurs when RichView applies attributes of the StyleNo-th style to Canvas.

property OnApplyStyle: TRVApplyStyleEvent;



  TRVApplyStyleEvent =

    procedure (Sender: TRVStyle; Canvas: TCanvas; 

      StyleNo: Integer; PSaD: PRVScreenAndDevice;

      var DoDefault: Boolean) of object;

(introduced in version 1.3; modified in v18)

In this event you can apply font (excluding colors) for the text style StyleNo to Canvas.

Nothing should be drawn inside this event.

Input parameters:

Sender – TRVStyle generating this event;

Canvas – canvas for applying font attributes to.

PSaD – pointer to a record used for conversion between TRVStyleLength values and device pixels. It may be nil when applying to the screen.

DoDefault is equal to True.

Output parameters:

DoDefault – set to False to prevent the default style applying procedure and OnAfterApplyStyle event.


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