TRVStyle.CheckpointColor, CheckpointEvColor

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TRVStyle.CheckpointColor, CheckpointEvColor

A color of dotted lines showing positions of checkpoints in document.

property CheckpointColor: TColor;

property CheckpointEvColor: TColor;

If TRichView shows its checkpoints (rvoShowCheckpoints in TRichView.Options), they are displayed as dotted horizontal lines with a small circle at the top left corner of the associated item.

Normal checkpoints are shown using CheckpointColor. Checkpoints with "RaiseEvent" flag are shown using CheckpointEvColor.

You can draw checkpoints yourself in OnDrawCheckpoint event.

TRichView must be linked with this TRVStyle (see TRichView.Style).

Default value:

CheckpointColor: clGreen

CheckpointEvColor: clLime

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