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Deletes text and/or paragraph and/or list styles which do not exist in document

procedure DeleteUnusedStyles(

  TextStyles, ParaStyles, ListStyles: Boolean);

(introduced in version 1.5, updated in version 1.6, 1.7)

This procedure deletes unused items from the collections of text (if TextStyles parameter is True), paragraph (if ParaStyles parameter is True), and list (if ListStyles parameter is True) styles (see TextStyles, ParaStyles, ListStyles) of the linked TRVStyle component).

Then it updates references to these styles in the component and other styles.

Warning: be careful when using this method. Use it only if RVStyle object is used exclusively by this RichView (this method updates references to styles only in one RichView)

This method deletes only non-standard styles (see Standard property of styles)

This method does not require reformatting.

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