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Identifies standard (essential) styles

property Standard: Boolean;

(introduced in version 1.6)


Standard styles are not deleted by DeleteUnusedStyles.

This property is ignored when comparing and searching styles.

All styles which are added automatically while loading from RTF or inserting from RVF are not standard.

All styles added by TRVStyle.FindTextStyle, TRVStyle.FindParaStyle, TFontInfos.FindSuchStyleEx, TParaInfos.FindSuchStyleEx are not standard.

Styles which are added automatically while loading from RVF preserve value of this property.

Usage without StyleTemplates

If StyleTemplates are not used, standard styles may represent "real" styles, while nonstandard styles may represent additional text and paragraph attributes. Initially, you can fill the collection with standard styles, which will never be removed (unless replaced when loading an RVF file). When working with a fixed set of styles, it's recommended to make all styles standard. When working with a dynamic set of styles, it is usually enough to have only one standard text and paragraph style initially (all other styles will be added on editing).

Usage with StyleTemplates

If StyleTemplates are used, it's recommended to have only one standard paragraph style initially, linked to NormalStyleTemplate, and only one standard text style not linked to any style template (but its ParaStyleTemplateId should point to NormalStyleTemplate as well). All other styles will be added on editing.


Default value:



See also:

TFontInfo class of text attributes (style);

TParaInfo class of paragraph attributes (style);

TRVListInfo class of paragraph list attributes (style);

RichViewResetStandardFlag typed constant.