Functions from RVMathItem Unit

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Functions from RVMathItem Unit

procedure RVGetMathProperties(rv: TCustomRichViewvar FontName: TFontName;
  var FontSizeDouble: Integer; var TextColor: TColor);
procedure RVSetMathProperties(rv: TCustomRichView;
  const FontName: String; FontSizeDouble: Integer; TextColor: TColor;
  EditMode: Boolean);

RVGetMathProperties returns default values of properties of mathematical expressions. If rv.DocObjects has an item of TRVMathDocObject class, it returns values of its properties. Otherwise, it returns 'Cambria Math', 20, clWindowText.

If rv.DocObjects has several TRVMathDocObject items, the procedure returns properties of the first of them. Normally, the collection must have no more than one TRVMathDocObject item.

RVSetMathProperties assigns default values of properties of mathematical expressions. It does it by assigning properties of TRVMathDocObject item of rv.DocObjects collection. If such item does not exist, the procedure creates it. If EditMode = True and (rv is TCustomRichViewEdit), this assignment is performed as an editing operation (undoable).

procedure RVApplyMathProperties(rv: TCustomRichView);

RVApplyMathProperties updates mathematical expressions after changing properties of TRVMathDocObject item. You must call this function if you assigned properties of this item directly. It is not needed if you use RVSetMathProperties.