Procedures and Functions

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Procedures and Functions

TRichView procedures and functions

DrawControl (and other functions) draws controls on the specified canvas

GetRVESearchOptions converts options of a find/search dialog to TRichViewEdit search options

GetRVSearchOptions converts options of a find/search dialog to TRichView search options

RV_GetPrinterDC creates a DC compatible with the active printer

RVGetFirstEndnote (and other functions) enumerates notes in the document

RVGetNoteTextStyleNo returns a text file for footnotes or endnotes

RVIsURL, RVIsEmail check whether the string contains an URL or e-mail address

Unicode conversion function convert text to and from Unicode

Functions from RVGetText unit returns text representation of the document or its fragment

Functions from RVLinear unit provide 1:1 conversion between the document and a text string

Functions from RVMathItem unit help to work with common properties of equation objects

Functions for TRVUnits conversion