RVGetNoteTextStyleNo Function

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RVGetNoteTextStyleNo Function

Returns index of text style for endnote or footnote.

Unit RVNote.

function RVGetNoteTextStyleNo(RVStyle: TRVStyle; StyleNo: Integer;

  StyleTemplateName: TRVStyleTemplateName=''): Integer;

(introduced in version 10, changed in version 14)

This function returns text style (index in RVStyle.TextStyles) which can be used for footnote or endnote characters.

If StyleTemplateName is not empty, and a style template with this name exists in RVStyle.StyleTemplates, the function returns the index of a text style having properties of the StyleNo-th text style after applying this style template. Otherwise, it returns the index of a text style having all properties of RVStyle.TextStyles[StyleNo], but SubSuperScriptType = rvsssSuperScript.

In all cases, Protection of the returned text style is [rvprDoNotAutoSwitch].

If such text style does not exist, this function adds it to the end of RVStyle.TextStyles.

The recommended names of style templates to use with this function:

'endnote reference' for endnotes and note references inside endnote text;

'footnote reference' for footnotes and note references inside footnote text.