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RVGetFirstEndnote, RVGetNextEndnote, RVGetFirstFootnote, RVGetNextFootnote, RVGetFirstSidenote, RVGetNextSidenote Functions

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These functions allow to enumerate endnotes, footnotes, sidenotes and text box items in a document.

Unit RVNote.

function RVGetFirstEndnote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVEndnoteItemInfo;

function RVGetNextEndnote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  Endnote: TRVEndnoteItemInfo; AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVEndnoteItemInfo;


function RVGetFirstFootnote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVFootnoteItemInfo;

function RVGetNextFootnote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  Footnote: TRVFootnoteItemInfo; AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVFootnoteItemInfo;

(introduced in version 10)

Unit RVSidenote.

function RVGetFirstSidenote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVSidenoteItemInfo;

function RVGetNextSidenote(RichView: TCustomRichView;

  Sidenote: TRVSidenoteItemInfo; AllowHidden: Boolean): TRVSidenoteItemInfo;

RVGetFirstEndnote returns the first endnote in RichView (or nil, if RichView has no endnotes).

RVGetNextEndnote returns the next endnote after Endnote (or nil, if this is the last endnote).

RVGetFirstFootnote returns the first footnote in RichView (or nil, if RichView has no footnotes).

RVGetNextFootnote returns the next footnote after Footnote (or nil, if this is the last footnote).

RVGetFirstSidenote returns the first sidenote or text box item in RichView (or nil, if RichView has no sidenote and text box items).

RVGetNextFootnote returns the next sidenote or text box item after Sidenote (or nil, if this is the last sidenote or text box item).

If AllowHidden parameter is True, the functions enumerate all notes/text boxes.

If AllowHidden parameter is False, the functions enumerate only non-hidden notes/text boxes (see rvepHidden property). To enumerate only visible notes/text boxes, use rvoShowHiddenText in RichView.Options as a value for this parameter.

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