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Exports TRichView document to HTML or XHTML file, using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

function SaveHTMLEx(const FileName, Title, ImagesPrefix, ExtraStyles,

  ExternalCSS, CPPrefix: TRVUnicodeString;

  Options: TRVSaveOptions): Boolean;

(changed in version 18)

This method saves HTML file and a set of images (in separate files).


FileName - the name of the output HTML file.

Title - the title of the output HTML file.

ImagesPrefix - the first part of names of images that will be saved with HTML document;

ExtraStyles - strings that can contain additional entries of CSS (usually you need not to use it, set to '').

ExternalCSS - if this string is not empty, this method uses external CSS (saved with RichView.Style.SaveCSS) instead of saving CSS into HTML file).

CPPrefix - first part of checkpoints names when saving to HTML; set to '' for using default names ('RichViewCheckPoint'). This parameter is not used, if rvsoUseCheckpointsNames is in Options.

Options – options for saving, see TRVSaveOptions for possible values.

By default, inserted controls are not saved. You can save them yourself using OnSaveComponentToFile event.

By default, items tags are saved as targets of hypertext links. You can customize saving using OnWriteHyperlink event.

You can save additional information about non-text objects in OnWriteObjectProperties event.

You can:

completely change HTML code for certain items using OnSaveItemToFile event;

insert additional code in HTML in OnSaveHTMLExtra and OnSaveParaToHTML events;

change how images are saved using OnHTMLSaveImage or OnSaveImage2 event,

insert HTML codes in text.


Since v1.9, the resulting HTML conforms "HTML 4.01 Transitional" standard, see

Two issues may cause the validator's warnings:

HTML encoding is written in HTML only if Charset of the 0-th text style <> DEFAULT_CHARSET;

non-standard <TABLE bordercolor> attribute is saved for MS Internet Explorer.


Return value: "successful saving?"


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See also:

Export to HTML;

TFontInfo.Options (HTML codes);

RichViewSaveDivInHTMLEx typed constant;

Saving and loading.