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Occurs on long operations


  TRVLongOperation = ( // defined in RVStyle unit

    rvloRTFRead, rvloRTFWrite,

    rvloRVFRead, rvloRVFWrite,

    rvloHTMLRead, rvloHTMLWrite,

    rvloTextRead, rvloTextWrite,

    rvloConvertImport, rvloConvertExport,

    rvloXMLRead, rvloXMLWrite,

    rvloDocXRead, rvloDocXWrite,

    rvloOtherRead, rvloOtherWrite


  TRVProgressStage = // defined in RVStyle unit

    (rvpstgStarting, rvpstgRunning, rvpstgEnding);


  TRVProgressEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRichView;

    Operation: TRVLongOperation; Stage: TRVProgressStage;

    PercentDone: Byte) of object;


property OnProgress: TRVProgressEvent;

(introduced in v1.9, changed in v14)

First, it is called with parameter Stage=rvpstgStarting.

Next, it is called several times with parameter Stage=rvpstgRunning, with PercentDone in the range 0..100.

Finally, it is called with parameter Stage=rvpstgEnding.


This event occurs on the following operations:

reading/writing RTF;

reading/writing RVF;

writing HTML;

writing DocX;

reading/writing a plain ANSI or Unicode text;

when calling TRVOfficeConverter.ImportRV and ExportRV.

Note: the event is called if the document/source file is large enough.

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