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Occurs when text item's text is changed as a result of editing operation.


  TRVItemTextEditEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRichViewEdit; 

    const OldText: TRVUnicodeString; RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer; 

    var NewTag: TRVTagvar NewStyleNo: Integer) of object;

property OnItemTextEdit: TRVItemTextEditEvent;

(introduced in version 10; changed in version 18)

This event is designed to update tags of hyperlinks.

This event is called when document is not completely formatted, so do not use any methods for changing document or methods requiring formatted document in this event.

Input Parameters:

OldText – the item text before the editing operation.

RVData, ItemNo – identify the item. RVData document containing this item; it can be Sender.RVData, table cell, or RVData of cell inplace-editor. ItemNo index of this item inside RVData. You can get text after the editing operation using RVData.GetItemTextW(ItemNo).

NewTag – the item tag, the same as RVData.GetItemTag(ItemNo)

NewStyleNo – the item style, index in the collection Style.TextStyles, the same as RVData.GetItemStyle(ItemNo)

Output Parameters:

NewTag – value of tag to assign to this item.

NewStyleNo – style index to assign to this item.

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