TRVSearchOption, TRVSearchOptions Types

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TRVSearchOption, TRVSearchOptions Types

Unit RVScroll.


  TRVSearchOption = (rvsroMatchCase, rvsroDown, rvsroWholeWord, rvsroFromStart, 

    rvsroMultiItem, rvsroSmartStart);

  TRVSearchOptions = set of TRVSearchOption;

Options for searching in RichView, see TCustomRichView.SearchText.




If included, a character case is taken into account when comparing strings.


If included, the search is performed to the end of the document. If not included, it is performed to the top of the document.


If included, the searched string matches only whole words.


If included, the search starts from the beginning/end of the document. If not included, it starts from the end of selection or the first/last visible item.


If included, the search can match substrings of several text items. If not included, the text is searched in each text item separately. For example, if the document contains the text Hello, the substring 'Hello' can be found only if this option is included, because 'He' and 'llo' belong to different items.


This option is used only when rvsroFromStart is not included.

If included, and a document fragment is selected, then:

when searching down, the search starts from the second selected character;

when searching up, the search starts from the last but one selected character

(selected characters are counted from the top of the document, the selection direction is ignored)