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This class contains properties and functions for drawing various standard controls (like buttons, scrollbars, combo boxes, etc.)

Unit RVControls;


TRVControlsPainter = class;

(Introduced in version 18)

A single variable of this class is created: RVControlsPainter. You can access its properties.

Currently, this variable is not used in TRichView itself. However, it is used in ScaleRichView and (especially) in SRVControls. It used for controls having their property SRVControlStyle = srvcsSimple.

Color themes

There are several color themes for drawing controls. A theme can be applied by assigning a new value to Theme: TRVControlTheme property. TRVControlTheme is defined as:

  TRVControlTheme = (rvctPaleBlue, rvctSpringGreen, 

    rvctSienna, rvctHighContrast);

The default value of this property is rvctPaleBlue.

When you apply a color theme, color properties of RVControlsPainter are changed according to this theme.


Alternatively, you can assign specific color properties:

BorderColor, HoverBorderColor, FocusedBorderColor, DisabledBorderColor – border around controls;

DisabledBackgroundColor – background of disabled controls;

ScrollButtonColor, HoverScrollButtonColor, PushedScrollButtonColor – scroll-bar buttons;

ScrollBarColor – scrollbar colorl

ScrollThumbColor, HoverScrollThumbColor, PushedScrollThumbColor – scroll-bar thumb;

ButtonBackgroundColor, HoverButtonBackgroundColor – push-button background;

ButtonBorderColor – push-button background;

PushedButtonTextColor – pushed push-button text;

GlyphBackColor – glyphs in check-boxes and radio-buttons;

SelectedTextColor, SelectedTextBackgroundColor – selection in edits and memos;

PanelBackgroundColor – panel background;

PanelBorderColor – panel border;

TabColor, HoverTabColor, ActiveTabColor – tabs in tab-sets;

TabCloseButtonColor – close buttons in tab-sets;

TabSeparatorColor – separators in tab-sets;

CheckMarkColor – lines in glyphs in check-boxes and radio-buttons.