ScaleRichView 4.3 - XE2, gif animation, smart popups

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ScaleRichView 4.3 - XE2, gif animation, smart popups

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Trial version of ScaleRichView 4.3 is available here:
SRVControls are available as well.
The components requires TRichView 13.4+ and RichViewActions 3.4+.

New features since the last public release

Delphi and C++Builder XE2

New packages are available: SRVPkgDXE2.dproj and DBSRVPkgDXE2.dproj. They install our components both in Delphi and C++Builder personalities of RAD Studio XE2.
SRVControls can be installed in RAD Studio XE2 using SRVControlsDXE2.dproj package.
The components can be used both in 32-bit and 64-bit VCL projects.
The only control that is not available in 64-bit projects is TSRVMediaPlayer. It will be converted later.

Delphi XE2 themes are supported in TSRichViewEdit, TSclRVRuler, TSRVScrollBar, TSRVPageScroll.
Other components (mainly SRVControls) do not support Delphi XE2 styles yet. But they support our skinning engine (TSRVSkinManager), so you create skins compatible with Delphi XE2 styles.
TSRVScrollBar supports Delphi XE2 styles only if TSRVSkinManager is not assigned, and if the control not inserted in TSRichViewEdit document.

Support of TRichView features

1. Rotated table cells
A new feature of TRichView 13.4 is supported: rotated table cells.
Unlike TRichView, ScaleRichView can rotate even controls inserted in table cells (except for videos).

2. Animated images
Since this version, animated images (including gif animations) are supported by ScaleRichView.

3. "Smart popups"
"Smart popup" is a button that can be displayed next to the current object/text.
The ActionTest demos are updated to display "smart popups" for pictures, horizontal lines, footnotes and endnotes.

Keyboard navigation (especially page up/down keys) works smarter now.


Complete list of new features since version 4.0:
Previous version:

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