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RichViewActions 3.4

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Full source version of RichViewActions 3.4 is included in the trial:

This version requires TRichView 13.4+

Changes since the last public update:

Delphi and C++Builder XE2

A new package is available: RichViewActionsDXE2.dproj. It installs our components both in Delphi and C++Builder personalities of RAD Studio XE2.
The components can be used both in 32-bit and 64-bit VCL projects.
New demo projects are added: ActionTestUniDXE2.dproj and ActionTestCBXE2.cbproj.

Delphi XE2's styles are supported: the components included in the actions (TRVRuler, TRVOfficeRadioButton, TRVGrid, TRVColorCombo, etc.) use styles if available. A custom drawing code in dialogs (for example, for choosing a line width or an underline style) supports styles as well.
Special measures were taken to support inverted color schemes (light on dark). For example, images in TRVOfficeRadioButtons are inverted, if necessary.
In the ActionTestDemo ( ... ) you can apply a style using the button in the bottom right corner.

New table commands


New table commands are available:
- cell rotation (by 90, 180, or 270 degrees);
- converting the current table to text (with inserting a chosen delimiter between cells);
- table splitting;
- sorting of table rows (ordering by values in the specified column; values can be treated either as strings or as numbers)

Text files
An encoding (code page) of a text file is asked on saving/loading (this feature works only for Unicode documents). In addition to ANSI/DBCS encodings, you can specify UTF-8.

Two new languages are available: Bulgarian and Finnish
(note: not all languages were updated to include new commands; we are working to provide a complete localization).

Complete list of changes:
Previous version:

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