TRichView 13.6.2 and others

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TRichView 13.6.2 and others

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We updated the trial of our components on to TRichView 13.6.2, RichViewActions 3.4.6, ScaleRichView 4.3.4

This is mainly a maintenance release, it corrects several bugs and adds several tweaks. But there are some new interesting features.


Embedded RTF
We added a possibility to embed an RTF code generated by TRichView in a larger RTF file generated by other component (that component must provide access to RTF tables of fonts and colors). This feature is used in the new version of the ReportBuilder wrapper.

Custom text properties
Now, there is possibility to add new properties to text styles (by subclassing). This feature existed before, but now you can export your properties to HTML and RTF, and even read them from RTF.
Demo: ...
This demo adds a new property to a text style - text shadow.
This property is displayed, saved and loaded to INI, RVF, RTF, saved to HTML (in CSS).

Smart search start
We added "smart start" options for SearchText methods. If this option is included, and a text fragment is selected, then, if some text is selected, the search is started from the second selected character (from the beginning or the end of the selection, depending on the search direction).
This option helps to avoid finding the same substring twice when changing a search direction.


This release includes 22 complete translations of the user interface.
Only two languages are not completely updated: Czech and Romanian.

Previous versions:

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