TRichView 14.5 - XE4, DocX, image scaling

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TRichView 14.5 - XE4, DocX, image scaling

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New versions are released: TRichView 14.5, RichViewActions 4.2, ScaleRichView 5.4

Trial versions are available here:

New features

RAD Studio XE4 is supported

Our components can be used in Delphi and C++Builder XE4 (in 32-bit and 64-bit VCL projects)
New packages are added: *DXE4.dproj packages; they install the components both in Delphi and C++Builder XE4. The trial version contains compiled files for *DXE4.dproj packages.
However, if you have C++Builder XE4 and do not have Delphi XE4, you cannot use these packages. For this case, we provide C++Builder-only packages: *CBXE4.cbproj. They are available for registered users. Trial version of these packages are available on request.

Export to DocX files
This feature is sponsored by IBE Software, developers of HelpNDoc (help authoring application).

New version of TRichView can save DocX files.
DocX files (Office Open XML format) is a default format of Microsoft Word 2007 and newer.

Previous version of TRichView could export DocX files with the help of TRVOfficeConverter component, if the corresponding export converter was installed. This version does not require any external dll to save DocX files. Also, a quality of conversion is much better: all possible TRichView features are retained or converted to the most similar features available for DocX.

RichViewActions: TrvActionExport ("File | Export" command) allows saving DocX files.

DocX export requires: Delphi 4 or newer; or C++Builder 2006 or newer
(DocX export requires ZLib library; TRichView uses ZLib library included in Delphi/C++Builder; we were not able to make this ZLib work with older version of C++Builder)

Smooth scaling of images

TRichView 14.5 implements a high-quality resizing of images. In ScaleRichView 5.4, this resizing method is used not only for resized images, but also for images displayed stretched because of changing page zooming percent.
By default, TRichView uses a new advanced scaling algorithm for:
- (non-transparent) TBitmap
- TJPEGImage
- TWicImage (Delphi 2010+)
Using a new global RVThumbnalMaker object, you can allow using this new method for different graphic classes.
To provide an optimal performance and usage or resources, TRichView implements a cache for storing thumbnails for several last drawn images.


Font antialiasing

New property: TRVStyle.FontQuality allows specifying font quality for text drawn in TRichView/ScaleRichView


We optimized redrawing in TSRichViewEdit, in multicolumn page mode. Now it redraws itself much faster on editing.

Also, we improved drawing of borders around tables split across pages (between rows)


New translation is included: Armenian.

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