New in version 15

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New in version 15

Compatibility issues

The following graphic classes are registered automatically (Do not call RegisterClass or RegisterClassAlias for these classes):

(for Delphi 2009+) TPngImage. Also, TPngImage is automatically registered as the default PNG format and as HTML graphic format (see TRVGraphicHandler)

(for Delphi 2010+) TWicImage. Also, thumbnails are activated by default for TWicImage.

(for Delphi 2007+) standard TGifImage – if you include RVGifAnimate2007 unit in your project;

Anders Melander's TGifImage – if you include RVGifAnimate unit in your project;

TJvGifImage from JEDI's JVCL – if you include RVJvGifAnimate unit in your project.

A parameter is added to TRVPrint.GetHeaderRect, GetFooterRect.

New values are added to TRVUndoType.

New types of items

sidenotes and text box items are printed in floating boxes.

"page number" fields

"page count" fields

DocX export

TRichView can save Microsoft Word 2007+ files (*.docx).

Minimal required versions for this feature: Delphi: 4; C++Builder: 2006.

New methods of TCustomRichView: SaveDocX, SaveDocXToStream.

New OnSaveDocXExtra event.

New options for TCustomRVFontInfo.Options: rvteoDocXCode and rvteoDocXInRunCode.

New properties of TRVOfficeConverter: ExcludeDocXImportConverter, ExcludeDocXExportConverter.

Touch screen support

Multi-touch screen operations are supported (for Delphi 2010+). The standard touch-related properties and events (Touch and OnGesture) are published.

All visual controls support a panning gesture. TRVPrintPreview supports a two finger zooming as well.

Selection handles are implemented in TRichView and TRichViewEdit. They are shown for the selection if it was created by a double (word selection) or a triple (paragraph selection) tap. Alternatively, you can show and hide them using SelectionHandlesVisible property.

New property: TRVStyle.SelectionHandleKind.

Printing and drawing

New properties defining sizes in TRVPrint: Margins, HeaderY, FooterY, Units. The new properties replace LeftMarginMM, TopMarginMM, RightMarginMM, BottomMarginMM, HeaderYMM, FooterYMM properties. The old properties still work. The main advantage of the new properties is a higher precision. Even if Units is millimeters, you can define properties more accurately, because sizes are floating point values.

Now you can define different headers and footers for the first page, and for odd/even pages. TRVPrint.SetHeader and SetFooter have additional optional parameter, specifying header/footer type. New properties: TitlePage, FacingPages.

New property: PageNoFromNumber specifies the starting value for "page number" fields. In TRVReportHelper, page numbers can be requested in OnGetPageNumber event.

New TRVReportHelper.NoMetafiles property allows drawing metafiles as bitmaps.


New methods allowing to change properties of TRichViewEdit as an editing (undoable) operation: SetIntPropertyEd, SetStrPropertyEd, SetFloatPropertyEd, SetBackgroundImageEd. They allow changing margins, DocParameters, background properties.

New methods allowing to change properties of items in TRichViewEdit as an editing (undoable) operation:

SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx, SetItemExtraIntPropertyExEd;

SetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx, SetItemExtraStrPropertyExEd.

They support more properties than the old methods.

Text attributes

New property SizeDouble allows defining font size with higher precision.

Visual changes

New TRVStyle.FontQuality property.

Smooth image scaling.

Other changes

Packages for Delphi and C++Builder XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7 are added.

Footnotes/endnotes displaying a character (instead of a number) are supported.

All work with graphic classes is encapsulated in TRVGraphicHandler class, available via RVGraphicHandler variable.

RichViewJustifyBeforeLineBreak variable allow to turn on justifying lines before line breaks.

Faster processing of hidden text.

New properties:



New option for TCustomRichView.Options: rvoPercentEncodedURL.