TRichView 14.12 - ready for a multitouch

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TRichView 14.12 - ready for a multitouch

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New versions are released: TRichView 14.12, RichViewActions 4.5, ScaleRichView 5.9

Trial versions are available here:

Touch screen support
(for Delphi 2010 or newer)

The main new feature since the previous public release is a touch screen support:
- panning gesture is supported in all visual controls
- two finger zooming is supported in TRVPrintPreview and in TSRichViewEdit
- selecting on a touchscreen is possible with special handles in TRichView, TRichViewEdit and TSRichViewEdit:


You can change appearance of selection handles: ... ekind.html

Other changes

Mouse click in TRVPrintPreview and TSRichViewEdit (in a preview mode) not only changes zooming, but zooms to the clicking point.

New editing operations for changing item properties, especially useful for the following item types: labels, numbered sequences, footnotes, endnotes.


Unfortunately, the previous update (TRichView v14.9.3) contained a serious bug (because of last-minute changes), so, if you downloaded a previous trial, it is highly recommended to update.


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