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RVMedia 3.0 - FFmpeg, XE8, installer

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:04 am
by Sergey Tkachenko
RVMedia 3.0

RVMedia 3.0 has been released.
This is a free update for customers who ordered RVMedia 1.x or RVMedia 2.x

Trial version can be found here:
RVMedia brief description:
RVMedia online manual:

RAD Studio XE8

This update supports Delphi and C++Builder XE8.
There are two alternative options to install:
- Delphi packages that can be installed in Delphi (Win32 and Win64) and C++Builder (Win32 and Win64); Delphi personality is required.
- C++Builder package that can be installed in C++Builder XE8 (Win32)

Installer and uninstaller
We created a setup program that:
- automatically installs the product, including installation of packages in RAD Studio;
- automatically uninstalls the product, uninstalling all packages and removing all files and Registry entries.
- can check for updates.

FFmpeg support

In addition to GStreamer, RVMedia can use FFmpeg to display video streams (including H264 streams) and local video files.
Like for GStreamer, RVMedia does not include neither a source code nor an object code of FFmpeg. Copyright to GStreamer and FFmpeg belongs to the respective owners. RVMedia uses them under GNU LGPL license v2.1.

Fixes, corrections, optimization

We did a lot of work to improve RVMedia code.
There are some important fixes, including:
- recording to MJPEG files; we added separators between frames, so other software can detect that these files are MJPEG, not JPEG
- fix in microphone initialization
- fix in switching local web camera modes
- fix in checking data integrity on the server

Previous version

RVMedia 3.0 demo projects

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:57 am
by Sergey Tkachenko
Demo projects

Compiled demo projects can be found here:

1) New demo is added: Cameras\FFmpeg.
This demo is similar to Cameras\GStreamer, but options to define video format are removed: with FFmpeg, RVMedia detects video format and network protocol automatically.


2) ClientServer\VideoChats\Server\
Connection speed units were specified incorrectly (must be kbytes/sec, not bits/sec)

3) Adjustments according to renaming in RVMedia 3.0 (MRVMicrophoneWin -> MRVWinMicrophone, GUID property -> GUIDFrom)

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 5:05 pm
by Sergey Tkachenko
We updated trial files.
Their content is not changed, but installer is improved and fixed.