ScaleRichView 4.0

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ScaleRichView 4.0

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Trial version of ScaleRichView 4.0 is available here:

New features since the last public release

Support of new TRichView features
TSRichViewEdit supports new features introduced in TRichView 13.0 and RichViewActions 3.0: measuring in twips, hidden text, different units in the actions' dialogs, new toolbar images. Incremental printing is implemented as well.
Like the components included in RichViewActions, ScaleRichView and SRVControls components have new icons for the Component Palette.

New printing mode for TSRVPrint
In this version, TSRVPrint can print several document pages on the same paper sheet. This mode is added in addition to modes of
- printing several copies of the same page on a paper sheet,
- printing posters (one document page consisting of several paper sheets)
- printing pages using different rules of scaling (when the printer page and the document page have different formats)


Complete list of new features since version 3.0:
Previous version:

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