New in v4.0

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New in v4.0

Compatibility issues

The type of Sender parameter was changed from TSRichViewEdit to TCustomRichViewEdit for TSRichViewEdit.OnStyleConversion and OnParaStyleConversion events.

Two new parameters are added to TSRichViewEdit.OnPaintPage: Prepaint and Printing.

A new parameter is added to TSRichViewEdit.OnPaint: PaintRect.

The user can zoom the editor in/out using  Ctrl  + mouse wheel. So, if you assume that the editor has the fixed values of TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.ZoomPercent and ViewProperty.ZoomMode, assign ViewProperty.MouseWheelZoom = False.

TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.HeaderFooterShade is renamed to ViewProperty.MainDocumentShade. ViewProperty.HeaderFooterShade now has a different meaning.

TSRichViewEdit.PageProperty.PageWidth and PageHeight do not depend on the document display modes any more. Properties of the same names were added in TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.

Units of measurement

All properties and parameters measured in TSRichViewEdit.UnitsProgram have changed their types from Extended to TRVLength. At design time, you can see units of measurement for these properties in the Object Inspector.

By default, properties of all RVStyles in TSRichViewEdit are measured in pixels. To convert them to twips, call TSRichViewEdit.ConvertToTwips.

TsrvActionPageSetup displays values in TRVAControlPanel.UnitsDisplay, not in TSRichViewEdit.UnitsProgram.

To do: a precision of drawing and printing is still up to one screen pixel. A higher precision is planned in newer version.

Incremental printing

TSRichViewEdit has new properties: MinPrintedItemNo and MaxPrintedItemNo. If these properties define a subrange of items, only this subrange (and only the pages containing it) is printed.

These properties allow implementing an incremental printing: when the next portion of the document is ready, it can be printed below the previously printed fragment. This feature can be used for printing accounting journals, logs, etc.

New properties and methods

New properties:

TSRichViewEdit.BackgroundProperty.GlobalPageBackgroundColor allows to define document background color without saving it in RVF files.

TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.MouseWheelZoom allows to turn off a mouse wheel zooming

TSRVSkinManager.Skins[].BoxSchemes defines schemes for applying skin elements to rectangles (such as items of a list box)

TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty: MainPen, MainTitle, MainTitleColor, MainTitleFont allow drawing borders and label for the main document (like it is done for a header and a footer).

TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty: PageWidth, PageHeight return page size as it is shown on the screen.

New methods of TSRichViewEdit:

GetPageNo returns the page index for the specified position in the document.

GetItemAt returns the item at the specified coordinates.

Clear, Format (not new but improved) clears and format the editor completely, including header and footer

GetFirstVisiblePage, GetLastVisiblePage allow to get a range of visible pages (if a free page positioning mode is not used)

New properties of TSRVScrollBar:

UseXPThemes allows/disallows using Windows themes (visual styles)

Flat makes the scrollbar look flat.

Modified methods of TSRichViewEdit:

GetItemPages, GetItemBounds, GetItemBounds100, GetItemCoords100 support item parts, so they can return more precise information.

Advanced printing in TSRVPrint

New PrintMode: srvpGrid. It allows printing several pages on one paper sheet.

Footnotes and endnotes

TSRichViewEdit can display and edit footnotes and endnotes.

New properties related to footnotes and endnotes:



New methods:



UpdateNote (is obsolete in version 6.0).

Additional information can be found in overview.

Other features

Support of "keep with next" and "keep lines together" properties of paragraph style is restored (it was disabled in v3.0)

New TSRichViewEdit.ViewProperty.AutoVScrollBarPosition property controls the position of vertical scrollbar for right-to-left documents.


New actions:

a_printpreview TsrvActionPreview switches editing and preview modes.

a_thumbnails TsrvActionThumbnails shows/hides page thumbnails.

A_layoutdraft TsrvActionLayoutDraft switches the editor to a draft layout.

A_layoutweb TsrvActionLayoutWeb switches the editor to a web layout.

a_layoutprint TsrvActionLayoutPrint switches the editor to a print layout.

a_zoom TsrvActionZoom applies the specified zooming percent to the editor.

a_zoomw TsrvActionZoomPageWidth zooms the editor to fit the page width in the editor width.

a_zoomwp TsrvActionZoomFullPage zooms the editor to fit the full page in the editor.

a_portrait TsrvActionOrientationPortrait changes page orientation to "portrait".

a_landscape TsrvActionOrientationLandscape changes page orientation to "landscape".

a_pagesize TsrvActionPageFormat changes page size.

a_header TsrvActionEditHeader starts editing a page header.

a_footer TsrvActionEditFooter starts editing a page footer.

a_cross TsrvActionEditMain starts editing the main document.

a_footnote TsrvActionInsertFootnote inserts a footnote.

a_endnote TsrvActionInsertEndnote inserts an endnote.

a_noteedit TsrvActionEditNote starts editing a footnote/endnote.

a_notereturn TsrvActionReturnToNote moves the caret to the parent footnote/endnote.

Changes in actions:

a_pagesetup TsrvActionPageSetup can change HeaderY and FooterY properties.

Localization procedures for the ScaleRichView actions.


New controls: TSRVListBox, TSRVComboBox, TSRVImagesScroll.

TSRVEdit can show suggestions on editing.

New help topics about SRVControls.