TRVAControlPanel.RVStylesFilter, RVStylesExt

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RVStylesFilter defines the file filter for files containing style templates.

RVStylesExt defines the file extension for files containing style templates.

property RVStylesFilter: String;

property RVStylesExt: String;

These values are used only if RVFLocalizable=False. They will appear in file filters in the style import and export dialogs used in TrvActionStyleTemplates, TrvActionAddStyleTemplate actions.

If RVFLocalizable=True, these properties are ignored (a file filter and extension are assigned automatically when a new language is applied).

Default values:

RVStylesFilter: 'RichView Styles (*.rvst)|*.rvst'

sRVStylesExtension: 'rvst'

See also properties:


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